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Bank foreclosures

Investing in Bank Forclosures – Advantages and Disadvantages

super June 28, 2018

When bank forclosures process begins, three real estate investing opportunities are created; the Default phase, the Auction phase, and the REO phase. Below, we will discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of each of the three opportunities.
Purchasing Homes before Bank Foreclosures
When you purchase a home before the forclosure process has begun, you are able to work directly with the owner of the home and sometimes even the lender. You are able to compete a win/win state of affairs. The homeowner wins because they make the sale and avoid forclosure and you win because you are able to get the property at a large reduction.
In order to accomplish a successful purchases before bank forclosures, the following 7 steps are recommended:
1. Find homes that are in default on the loans.
2. Compare homes and choose which one to pursue.
3. Inspect the property.
4. Figure out what the property owner needs.
5. Figure out the market value of the property, repair costs, and potential sales price and profit.
6. Negotiate with the owner and the lender to come up with a decision.
7. Close on the property, fix it up and sell it again quickly.

Advantages – If done correctly, this can be a great investment. The discounts from market value are usually around 20 to 35 percent. A low down payment is possible if it’s structured properly, and you have plenty of time to check out the properties. You are able to make unique and flexible sales agreements.
Disadvantages – Sometimes it can be hard to get in touch with the property owner. You will have competition to purchase the home, and the court house research can be difficult. You may also have to negotiate with the lien holders.
Auction Purchases
Purchasing homes at an auction can be great. It is also dangerous. You are able to purchase the house because the highest bidder, and the process moves quickly. When you square measure buying one thing at associate auction, you have to compete against the lender and other people who are looking to invest. Before buying at the auction, most people research the properties before the sale date, go after realistic opportunities, calculate their potential for profit and amounts, determine a good bid price and so visit the auction to bid.
Advantages – This is a great way to find moderate to large discounts. It’s possible to save anywhere from 35 to 45 off of market values and you can earn an excellent return on investment. It’s possible to really hit the jackpot.
Disadvantages – The auctions are often postponed or delayed. Being able to inspect the property is rare. In truth, a title search should be performed on the house and this is usually costly. You may have to provide a check for ten percent of the purchase amount within days or weeks from the auction. If you don’t do your research, it may result in a loss.
Purchasing REOs
Some suppose that the simplest thanks to purchase a foreclosed house is to shop for associate REO. A ‘Real Estate Owned’ happens once a loaner takes a property back to realize possession and cut its losses. They ordinarily don’t need to stay the property as a result of it’s not within the land business, and so they normally move the property quickly.
Advantages – The lender is the lien holder, so there is always a clear title, and that saves a lot of time. Not to mention expenses and worries about purchasing forclosure homes. The property taxes that were behind have ordinarily been paid and therefore the property could are repaired to be among acceptable standards. Sometimes tho’, they only leave the repairs to the customer and supply a reduction.
Disadvantages – There are low to no risks with this method, however the rewards can be pretty low as well. You may save anywhere from 5 percent to 15 percent off of market value. You can save up to 25 percent or more if you are knowledgeable and know how.
This method of investing in forclosure properties can bring excellent profits. All three forclosure opportunities contain rewards and risks. Doing your homework before you buy is a must.